What Was The First Movie That Made You Cry?

In this video from the Academy Originals filmmakers share their memories of the first films that made them cry.

Movie is such a powerful medium! Using actors, fake sets, fake props, the power of editing and the power of the music score it can travel you, levitate you, make you laugh and then in a moment make you cry, exert strong emotions on you and make you think and rethink the reality. And the more you forget that it is a movie and you are carried away, the better we did our job.

I cannot remember what was the first movie that made me cry. One of the masterpieces that made me whip, however, was Life is beautiful “La vita è bella”  with Roberto Benigni (1997). IMDB

Here is a favorite scene. Benigni using a mixture of humor and improvisation tries to protect his son from the harshness of the concentration camp.




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