What Exactly Does an Experienced Editor Do?

In this era of the personal computers anyone and of any age can grab a movie maker software and start editing movies. But putting a banch of scenes together and post them on youtube does not make you an editor, at least in the sense of the editing being a creative art form. To the most is unclear what exactly an experienced editor can do, and what impact they can have on the final product of a film. Inside the Edit, an online editing course, has a video that demystifies the complexity of an editor’s job.

For all of you that are just starting in video editing, you should know that it is more than putting together some shots that makes sense. Editing gives the tone, the rythm, the structure. It educates, deceives, brings laughter, delivers high impact emotional content or a message. It can make or break a movie. Being an experienced editor is more than having technical knowledge. It’s a powerful act of art.




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