This Is the Exciting Future of Drone Technology, According to DJI

In a new video released recently by DJI, the prolific drone and camera manufacturer showed off a concept for a new UAV called the Phantom X.

We all loved the 1980s’ sci-fi visions of the future — the way drones zipped around, blending in as a natural part of everyday life. What if we told you the predictions made in these sci-fi classics are now reality? With the DJI Phantom X, we turn wide-eyed dreams of future possibilities into fact with multi-angle shooting, AI, obstacle avoidance and free-flight object tracking.

Strangely enough, some of the technology showed off in the Phantom X concept already exists (or is on the verge of existing) in the consumer space. We are talking, of course, about the Lily drone, which made a splash earlier this year, as it’s promo video went viral. Like the fictional Phantom X in the DJI video, the Lily can be activated simply by tossing it in the air, and then you can have it follow you around and capture your every move without having to touch a flight remote or anything.

Here is that awesome promo video:


And here’s how the Lily Drone was actually working while that video was going viral. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be quite as effective as the promo made it look. Then again, this is from six months ago, and the Lily isn’t set to start shipping for a few more months, so hopefully these issues will have been straightened out in that span. Still, it’s funny to watch Lily almost shave the beard off the reviewer’s face and almost go careening into a group of sunbathers in Central Park.




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