This is a 12K timelapse of L.A. using a 100MP Camera

Want to see what the 100-megapixel Phase One XF 100MP medium format camera can do? Check out this breathtaking 12K timelapse of Los Angeles, by the photographer Joe Capra.

Capra  specializes in ultra-high-definition time-lapse photography. February 2015, he released a 10K time-lapse of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shot using an 80MP Phase One camera kit. Now that the camera os offering even more resolution, Capra is upping his timelapses toa whole new level.

 For this latest project, Capra used the new time-lapse mode in the XF. Every frame you see in the video above is a 100-megapixel photo, this is 3x times the existing 4K Ultra HD content.



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