The Science of Camera Sensors – A FilmmakerIQ Course

FilmmakerIQ released a new 13-minute long and absolutely fascinating overview of camera sensor technology. We’re speaking here about some of the quantum physics of film and digital sensors; Photons, electrons, measuring quantum particles smaller than the wavelength of visible light, and then making them work for us, and using them to tell a visual story.

Every time we shoot, even something trivial with our iPhones, we’re utilizing some rather impressive tech, and I’d wager the lion’s share of those using this tech hasn’t a clue about how it works, or how it came about. That’s fine by the way, just like how if you ask a Formula 1 team engineer, he’ll tell you that the drivers really don’t know nearly as much about the science of it all as they do, but they are still incredible users of the tech.

Knowing a bit more though, will likely illicit some more appreciation. This short video breaks down some of the key differences between terms that we all hear, such as how CCDs vs. CMOS sensors work, and that may give you a better understanding of the camera market and which is better for you.




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