Man Visits Iconic Movie Locations & Recreates Scenes For A Then-Now Comparison

Phil Grishayev is an LA video producer doing something interesting in his free time. He visits iconic locations of great blockbusters of the past and then he recreates memorable scenes. Head over to his Instagram account to see an ever growing collection of then-now photos. In there you will find recreations from movies like Blade Runner, Fight Club, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Kill Bill and many more. Some of our favorites are the following.

audreyhepburn-700x700 backtothefuture-700x700 bladerunner-700x700 fightclub-700x700 ghostbusters-700x700 jfk-700x700 killbill-700x700 laurelandhardy-700x700 monroe-700x700 rushhour-700x700 terminator2-700x700 thegraduate-700x700 thepianist-700x700 trainingday-700x700 waynesworld-700x700

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