Lytro’s 755 megapixel Cinema light field camera will kill the green screen

Lytro is releasing a revolutionary new product that will change the way cinematographers shoot forever. The Lytro light field technology camera comes with some staggering specs: a 755 RAW megapixel 40K resolution, 300 FPS, throughput of 400 gigabytes/sec.

For filmmakers, this means the new camera allows for post-production decisions that were previously impossible. Changing the depth of field, focus position, shutter speed or dynamic range can now take place after the scene has been recorded, making those elements artistically adjustable.

Also, the light field technology creates something called a “depth screen”, which allows for green screen magic with out the green screen. The software in post can isolate objects based on their distance.

Lytro Cinema from Lytro on Vimeo.

Maybe in the future this technology will make it to our phones and combined with the new Flat Lens technology will give to our hands a power house of undreamable capabilities in a very compact form.




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