London Day & Night: A Mesmerizing Timelapse

It seems that everywhere you look, another time-lapse video pops up. With the latest cameras and gadgets to make creating a time-lapse relatively easy (if you don’t factor in the countless sleepless hours typically in the middle of nowhere) time-lapse videos are commonplace. And too much of a good thing can be…well, too much.


Paris filmmaker Franck Matellini (a.k.a. Matel) latest release, he takes the same side-by-side concept and instead, focuses on a city he lived in for a few years – London. The video highlights London’s most famous sites showing both what the city looks like by day and at night simultaneously. A time-lapse like this has its share of challenges – getting the framing just right two different times a day. Matel said that the last shot, of the famed London Eye was the most challenging as tripods are not allowed in many of the tourist areas that appear in the video and security is very tight. Matel would mark the areas he shot in so he could remember where to place the tripod for the night scenes. Of course, working with the reflections in the water and around throngs of people are always a challenge for any shoot.

The result is this one-and-a-half minute diptych-themed time-lapse, shot with a Sony A7RII and edited in Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere.

London Day & Night from matel on Vimeo.




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