And Then Out Of Nowhere A Trailer For ‘Knight Rider Heroes’ Is Dropped On Us

In a mysterious or just plain confusing turn of events, a “Knight Rider Heroes” trailer was published on YouTube on Dec. 9 and, more than a week later, we still have no idea what is going on because all we’ve been getting are teases from David Hasselhoff.

Flashback: On Dec. 9, a trailer for “Knight Rider Heroes” came out and it was mainly composed of a backstory of how the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG) initiated a crime fighting program in 1982 only to be disbanded in 1986 due to government pressure. Then it offered a conspiracy theory saying that FLAG reinitiated the program and has been working underground. Cue in leather jacket-wearing David Hasselhoff in character as Michael Knight waiting for his partner, Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), as it traverses the desert.

Then a mysterious character is shown talking to Knight and it seems as if he is going to be mentored. Whatever his role will be, he seems ready and eager, though the eagerness doesn’t show on his face. If you don’t believe it, check out the trailer below for yourself.




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