An Amazing Hyperzoom Through The Beautiful Village Of Hallstatt

The colorful houses and tall mountain ranges reflect off the glassy lake water of the village of Hallstatt showing the breathtaking beauty of the small Austrian town. An ancient salt mine village, Hallstatt’s rich history dates back to the early Iron Age. As of the 2001 census, 946 people called this little region home. Many visitors come to visit and partake of its beauty, but if you can’t travel to this little seaside town, the following video will give you a dizzying tour.

Using a technique called HyperZoom, Geoff Tompkinson, a photographer and time-lapse producer takes you on a 2-minute tour of Hallstatt, zooming in and out of windows and finally resting high above the ancient town square. HyperZoom, Geoff explains on his website, “is a different form of Zooming into or out of a shot with virtually no restrictions to the range of the zoom. It enables the camera to zoom to a new location – and actually be there to move forward to ever new locations. It’s a travel by zoom effect with no loss of visual continuity or resolution along the route.

It took him two days to shoot the footage and “considerably longer” in post-production, he mentions in the video notes. This seamless technique feels like you strapped a GoPro on a fly that is hopped up on energy drinks; it’s a fun ride.

Check out the beautiful video below:

To see more of Geoff Tompkinson’s work, as well as more of his HyperZooms, check out his website here.




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