Ah, Film! Mesmerizing 70mm Projection Time-Lapse of ‘The Hateful Eight’

Anyone who knows at least a little bit about Quentin Tarantino knows that he prefers to shoot on film.
For his latest film The Hateful Eight, the director resurrected Ultra Panavision 70mm, a format that hasn’t been utilized since 1966 (for Khartoum), and decided to take his film on the road to give his audiences the experience of a “grand film exhibition.” Cinematography Andrew Walker was lucky enough to be one of the projectionists at one of these 59 exclusive screenings and decided to make a gorgeous time-lapse of The Hateful Eight’s projection process using his Nikon D810 and a Kessler Second Shooter TLS system.

Prepare to be wooed!

This short time-lapse was not only beautifully shot and interesting to watch, but it reignites that love of celluloid and film projection. It’s a delicate and intricate process. It’s human, magical, and special. It’s a bit of an event — even a spectacle.

This is something Tarantino seems to understand. He said this referring to The Hateful Eight 70mm roadshow:
The thing about the roadshows is that it made movies special. It wasn’t just a movie playing at your local theater. They would do these big musical productions before the normal release of the film. You would get a big colorful program. It was a presentation. They would play a Broadway show overture version of the soundtrack. If you’re going to shoot your movie and release it in 70mm, it’s really the way to go: twenty-four frames a second flickering through a projector, creating the illusion of movement.




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